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Many of you will know that Dr. Irena Scott and Philip Mantel have been diligently researching and investigating the 1973 alien abduction case in Pascagoula, Mississippi in which the late Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were involved. They have already published some of their work on this but next year, the 50th anniversary of the encounter will see us publish all of our findings in a brand-new book. They are both of the opinions that although controversial, Their new book will be ground-breaking in many ways, and it will no doubt be the subject of much debate by believers and skeptics alike. Without sounding big-headed, it is our opinion that this new book will be a significant addition to the UFO literature.

In the meantime, Dr. Scott and Philip continue to work on this case and two new witnesses have just stepped forward this last week. If you have any information, documentation, or if you were a witness to these events then please Philip directly on email at:

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