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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Al Bielek Debunked

We Are Not Alone

by Marshall Barnes

There have been those who have accused us of unfairly targeting Al Bielek as if we have some kind of secret agenda. People like Ken Adachi of the Educate Yourself website ignore the information that we have brought forward and instead only want to hear what Bielek has told them. Well, as it turns out, we are not alone in our belief that Bielek is a fraud and in fact, there have been people in the UFO and psychotronics community who have known that Bielek was a fraud all along. I have been told personally by such individuals and I have found a number of articles and letters that reflect this fact and will share them with you now.

1. ‘On Warping Young Minds’ by Jerry Decker
Jerry Decker of Keeley Net has been a known researcher into fringe and exotic science for years now. Here in an email from February of 1999 he cites in his experience with Al Bielek, beginning in the second paragraph after the introduction. Once again, another person catches
Bielek in a lie!

2. Skyopen List by Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton is another respected UFO researcher. When the news about our web site came out, he was one of the first to share the information with others, and for good reason – he has known Bielek for years and has known him to invent stories before!

3. Howdy Bill: John Velez’s response to Bill Hamilton
Here UFO abductee researcher John Velez responds to Hamilton’s post by revealing that he too has known Bielek for a number of years as well as Preston Nichols and John Ford. Velez adds some very interesting commentary inlight of what we have proven on our web site.

So you can see for yourself that we haven’t cooked-up some conspiracy to make people suddenly disbelieve Al Bielek. There were plenty of people who already knew him to be a teller of tall tales. In fact, the first time I ever talked to Vince Barbarick and Preston Nichols about Bielek *they* even said “Al Bielek embellishes”. Preston himself has gone on about how he can’t verify what Bielek says and won’t try to, obviously meaning, as we have seen lately with Bielek claiming to have traveled to the future and meeting the WingMakers (an indepth report on this complete fraud is underway), Bielek was not content to just stick with the original story, he has to keep adding to it, “embellishing” it with more and more grandiose garbage, making him to appear in the very least like a pathological liar. Any last shred of doubt about that should be swept away by looking at these sections of his own website:

If you look below the section for the year 2000 you will see how Bielek has created another fantastic tale, so fantastic that he can’t even explain it all. Directly below the 2000 year section is one labeled “2137”.


“After Ed and Duncan jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943, they landed in the year 2137.”

This story is not part of the original story that he has told for years now. It was always that the two brothers, Ed and Duncan jumped off the ship in 1943 and landed at the Montauk Air Force Base in 1983. Not only is he on record for this in lecture transcripts and in all the books, but I have a personally produced interview with Bielek where he says the same thing. He never made it a part of his “official record” until it was mentioned on his website in 1999.

I was immediately reminded of the bogus tale of Howard Strom, AKA “Drue” who Bielek felt was such a threat to the PX story until I exposed him in an on-air trap that was set-up by Bielek and the producer of the Mike Jarmis radio show in 1997 or there about. Drue had claimed to be a survivor of the PX with a story that was a rip-off of Bielek’s and an obvious fraud, but included in it an account of how he and the Eldridge crew traveled far into the future, including the years 2043 and 3543. It appears that Bielek, in what is now an obvious pattern, is picking up aspects of Drue’s story.

“They both spent six weeks in a hospital bed recovering from radiation burns suffered from being in hyperspace.”

This statement confirms it. Never had Bielek claimed that the process of jumping off the ship into “hyperspace” had resulted in any kind of physical injury to he or his bogus brother. In fact, this new account of how they ended up in 2137 totally invalidates his previous account because (and I have TV interviews of Bielek saying this) he has always said that at first, when he and his brother jumped off of the Eldridge, that they landed in 1983 at the Montauk Air Force base. It was night and they were met with a helicopter shining a spotlight on them and at first they didn’t know what it was because they had never seen a helicopter before. Guards came, arrested them and took them into the underground part of the base where they meet an older version of John von Neumann who tells them that he’s been waiting for them for 40 years, and *at first they didn’t believe that they were in the future* until they saw they TVs, etc!

Now if they had already traveled to 2137 when they first jumped off the ship they would have already known that they had traveled into the future. On the face of it it appears that Bielek is a certifiable lunatic or a pathological liar beyond anything that I have ever encountered! But his account of the radiation burns from time travel through hyperspace is lifted directly from accounts by Drue. I will quote directly from “Time Travel: The Philadelphia Experiment”, his 1995 book. On page 74 Bielek has stolen an element of the fake story concocted by Howard Strom, AKA Drue. Quoting Drue from that page, first paragraph, “Jolting upwards and finding myself in a strange bed, I awoke from a deep sleep in screams of horror…I knew without a doubt this was radiation poisoning. However, nothing seemed to match the great pain of sorrow and despair in remembering the horrific scene of the USS Eldridge…”

So Drue writes about being a survivor and having radiation sickness. Four years later, disrupting the continuity of his own fable, Bielek feels compelled to add the same feature to his story. Oh, and it doesn’t end there.

“Toward the end of their stay, Ed is moved, by means unknown to him to the year 2749.”

Oh, I believe that. Why waste brain cells trying to think of another tall tale when he can always think of something later and just claim that he “recovered” the memory! More than that, these additions of going into the far distant future before ever going to Montauk smack of Drue’s bogus account of the Eldridge and crew time hopping into various points in the future, as far forward as 3543 according to his chart on page 50 labeled “USS Eldridge’s Movement”. So Bielek adds, sloppily, an addition to his story that also includes time travel to the distant future *before* the Montauk scenario unfolds. But he’s still not content to stop there with the tall tales and fabrications –

2749 “From 2137, Ed Cameron travels alone to 2749 for a period of two years.

Ed is a tour guide and remembers floating cities built with anti-gravity technology and a society run by computers.”

Tour guide?!!!!!! Oh this I can truly believe. Somehow he’s transported into the future and given a job as a *tour guide*. Anyone who has seen or heard Bielek can easily imagine him as a tour guide, I’m sure, as he is an excellent public speaker and knows how to work a crowd, but the idea that in some futuristic world, run by computers, he would actually be needed as a tour guide is sheer lunacy. But it still doesn’t end there.

“The programmers of the computers are called the “Wing Makers”. Ed had several meetings with them where they explained their agenda.”

Oh, I’m sure they explained their agenda. They did it after he was finally able to read their website and like always, decided to incorporate them into his never-ending story. You see by the time Bielek had his website created in 1999, the WingMakers had already been proven to be a hoax the year before. But then again Drue had been proven to be a fraud even before that and that didn’t stop Bielek from lifting things from Drue’s disinformation saga.

I’ve since discovered that not only does this appear to be lifted from Drue’s story but since then it has also been modified. It appears that the first place that Bielek mentions going to 2137 before going to 1983 to the Montauk base is in an obscure August 1997 Leading Edge Magazine article interview by Kenneth Burke. In the 40th heading for his responses, Bielek says “I’ve seldom talked about this publically, but it’s probably time. In terms of time travel and my access of future events, because in my and Duncan’s jumping overboard from the Eldridge, we did not go straight to Montauk. We went to the year 2137 A.D. We arrived in bad shape. We wound up in hospitals for about a month. When we finally found out where we were, we both (particularly me) started asking lots of questions about where we were, what had happened, and so forth. They told us about various events and showed us some maps of the altered United States. We asked, what the hell’s going on here? We looked at the maps from all over. What events had changed in government, in society? They were rebuilding from the damage of the period from 2000 to 2015 to 2016 era.”

This is a very important disclosure because it means that the original account of what happened at Montauk is a lie. They couldn’t have arrived there in disbelief and wondering what had happened because they would have already arrived to a far distant future, even from now here in 2003, and so 1983 wouldn’t have been any bigger deal. And yes, in case you noticed, Bielek said in that distant future that they were rebuilding from the damage from “2000 to 2015”. You have to remember that the interview was from 1997. Back then many people thought that the world was going to end, or some such scenario, beginning in the year 2000. Of course by 1998, the idea was that the end would be brought on by the Y2K computer glitch. People like Gary North were saying that there was no way that it could be stopped and the end of the modern world was at hand. In this environment, it would be pretty easy to make such a claim as Bielek did and sound credible to many people. Of course now we know, like most of everything else that he has said, it was complete fiction. But of course it doesn’t end there –

“As they told us, when the Earth changes hit really severely, which was around the year 2000, at that point, the governments all over the world collapsed, and the military took over. The Earth changes were very severe, and there was a tremendous loss of life. By the year 2025, the planetary population was down to somewhere around 450 to 500 million. So, “The New World Order” accomplished their goal in the process of losing it.”

Yeah, well it’s pretty clear that everything hasn’t collapsed and there’s no military takeover. Notice how he never even mentioned the Y2K glitch concerns in his story because the Y2K glitch hadn’t become a big known issue yet. Read below though on what happened next after he and his bogus brother were all well again, in the year 2137:

LE: Since you mentioned where you went before you went to Montauk, could you share a little bit more about that society when you were there?

BIELEK: It was still in the process of being rebuilt. If I remember correctly, the banking systems were nearly gone. The banking systems did vanish completely later. The governments were in a very strange state. They were localized governments but they were evolving.

LE: But, they had the technology to send you to Montauk?

BIELEK: Oh, yeah. They had the technology for space travel even then. Of course, we have it now. It was not lost, but they were rebuilding what had been here on the Earth, and it was a tremendous job…

From there, we were sent back to Montauk, and, at Montauk, a lot of our memories were erased. Duncan still does not remember the side trip, but I do. How I became aware that we’d had a side trip was another strange story involving a man, whom I met at the First International UFO Convention in Tucson, Arizona, put on by Wendell Stevens. A guest there with whom I spoke (and I’ll only use his first name), was Jeff, who was an extreme psychic. He was brought up through the project, Trojan Horse, which was a German project transferred to the US after World War II. He was very, very psychic. We had a conference going and were sitting around a big round table. I went over to talk with him and ask him some questions. I’d never met him before that. I handed him my business card. He held it and started reading off it. He said, hmm, he saw something strange there. I thought, well, he’s psychic, he’s going to come up with something. He said he saw two time lines. He said, “You’ve lived through the same time period twice.” I thought, “Holy baloney!” This guy’s onto something.” He looked at me and looked at the card and said, “Your name’s not Al Bielek, your name’s Edward Cameron. You’ve got a Ph.D. in physics. You graduated from Harvard. Furthermore, you don’t really know what happened with the Philadelphia Experiment.'” At that point, my mouth was literally hanging half way to the ground.”

So you see, in 1997, *after* this anonymous “Jeff” psychic tells Bielek what *really* happened after he and Duncan jumped off of the Eldridge, Bielek says that he and his brother then were sent to Montauk to 1983. This means that their arrival there wasn’t due to some “lock-up” in time as they have claimed. Not only that, but there is absolutely no mention of Bielek going further to the future and working as a “tour guide”! The reason for that is pretty obvious – because in 1997 the WingMakers hoax hadn’t been released yet so he couldn’t borrow from that yet, seeing as how he doesn’t really travel into the future or have psychic powers. No, it wouldn’t be until 1999, when he probably would’ve have heard of the WingMakers, and then incorporate that into his story. The chances of “Jeff” even being real are slim as usually Bielek’s sources continually go unnamed or are classified or some other such nonsense that makes him sound like he’s “connected” while at the same time allows him an excuse for not producing any sources. Of course Jeff never came up to him and said that he name was really Edward Cameron either, since there was no Ed Cameron, that name just being another fabrication of Bielek’s near infinite fabrications, which in this case he applied to the stolen photograph of Alex Cameron III (see Bielek’s Faked Family Album). Isn’t it funny how he can reveal all this information about his life in the Navy as Edward Cameron but not one single verifiable thing about his being in the Navy as Al Bielek?

“Ed returns from 2751 to pick up his brother Duncan and together they travel back to 1983.”

Right, where they then act as if they have never experienced time travel, etc. etc. These obvious haphazard additions to his story should make it undeniable that Al Bielek is a man who isn’t just grasping for straws to make his experiences make sense, which was my original thought when I discovered that the Schneider letters not only were no proof of the PX but also contradicted his account, but like Bill Hamilton and others have observed, Bielek simply makes stories up and adds on to them. He is as far from what his public persona is as you can get. He’s no more interested in revealing the truth about anything (let alone make the PX *easier to understand* as he claimed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory) than the secret government that he claims to fight against, because every single word out of his mouth, it seems, is just another lie, just another fiction to add to his original fiction of a life of comfort and wealth at a time when most were poor, with a brother that never existed with whom he’s had incredible adventures across space and time in a universe where bad Hollywood time travel movies are documentaries and everything you hear on late night radio is true. “We no longer refer to it as Teleportation, we call it ITS: Instantaneous Transport System” DE173.COM Support This Site Einstein Meeting With The Navy, 1943

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