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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

The CIA Scientist Who Built “UFOs”

by Jesse Michels and Bryan Felber

Excellent video, very well researched covering the life and work of Thomas Townsend Brown, and the “Biefeld–Brown effect.”  There are also references to the Philadelphia Experiment, and Time Travel / “Die Glocke” covered on my site.

0:00:00 Intro
0:07:35 Childhood
0:08:49 Biefeld-Brown Effect
0:12:34 5 Reliable Witnesses
0:21:26 Navy Records
0:22:44 Wounded Prairie Chicken Routine
0:24:30 B2 Stealth Bomber
0:32:39 Bob Lazar / John Lear
0:39:51 Aurora / Astra
0:44:57 Bill Lear
0:46:59 Physics
0:50:35 WWII Nazi UFOs
1:00:31 Robert Sarbacher
1:02:08 Lookout Mountain Lab
1:04:37 AUTEC
1:05:51 Caroline Group
1:09:17 NICAP
1:11:44 Philadelphia Experiment
1:14:34 Hartford UFO Crash
1:20:24 Sidereal Radiation
1:24:41 Ether / Quantum Vacuum
1:28:16 Time Travel / “Die Glocke”
1:32:29 Extended Electrodynamics
1:36:48 Refresh Talent Pool
1:39:03 WILD CARD
1:41:41 New Physics Framework
1:46:28 $50k Brown Experiment Bounty
1:47:48 – Outro


T. Townsend Brown

T. Townsend Brown

T. Townsend Brown

In the 1930’s T. Townsend Brown signed on with the Naval Research Laboratory
as a specialist in radiation, field physics, and spectroscopy

Links of Interest

Thomas Townsend Brown The Man Who Mastered Gravity

Thomas Townsend Brown, Biefeld–Brown Effect Wikipedia Pages 

The Philadelphia Experiment (This site)

The Nazi Bell (Die Glocke)  ~ In the 1940’s Various Experiments were done using the The Nazi Bell (Die Glocke.) Was it a Particle Accelerator to Enrich Uranium? Was it an Experiment in Anti-Gravity Propulsion? Was it used to create a Time / Space Portal? “We no longer refer to it as Teleportation, we call it ITS: Instantaneous Transport System” cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper
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