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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl Meredith Allen or..

The whole story of the Philadelphia Experiment stems from Carl M. Allen’s letters to the astronomer, researcher, and writer Morris K. Jessup. Carl provided most of the “facts” that are still used in books today, for example; The name of the test ship, the location, and date of the experiment, etc. With most of the “facts” coming from one individual (and later being “confirmed” by others) one begins to wonder who is Carl Allen and is he of sound mind.

Carl Allen or Allende (pronounced Aye-enday) was born on May 31, 1925, in the small Pennsylvania town of Springdale. Carl was the youngest of four children, three brothers Donald, Frank, and Randolph, and one sister Sarah. His father Harold Allen was Irish and his mother was part French. He quit school at the age of nine, and on July 14, 1942, he joined the Marine Corps, and was later discharged on May 21, 1943. Carl enlisted in the Merchant Marine in July 1943 and served on the S. S. Andrew Furuseth from August 16, 1943, till late January 1944. Allen served on 27 different ships in total before he left the service in October 1952. [1]

Carl has used many aliases over the years; Carl Meredith Allen and Carlos Miguel Allende, Carl Michael Allen, Colonel Carl M. Allen, Carl Christopher Allen, Senor Professor and Colonel Carlos Miguel Christofero Allende. Carl even wrote Wernher von Braun in the ’70s as Dr. Karl Merditt Allenstein.

“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir.” [2]

Carl M. Allen

Carl M. Allen – 1925~1994

Carl has been described in many books and texts as a wandering “Gypsy.” (also Carl’s mother was referred to as a Gypsy.) Although his lifestyle may conform to the ideals of a Gypsy, he has no real Gypsy heritage in his family.

While at one of Mr. Jessup’s lectures, Carl Allen heard Jessup impress upon his audience the urgent need for some type of Government-sponsored research program in a basic study of gravity, beginning with continued research into Dr. Albert Einstein’s Unified Field concepts. When Allen heard this he felt he had to write to Mr. Jessup (the first letter arrived on January 13th, 1956), describing that such research was already “horribly” complete. He described in detail a Naval experiment involving optical invisibility and teleportation. Carl Allen provided much more information than the typical model of a “hoaxer.”

Carl Allen's Certificate of Seaman's Service

Carl left his Sailor’s ID number (Z416175) at the bottom of one of his letters to Mr. Jessup. After a check of this ID, Carl’s “Certificate of Seaman’s Service” was found. It had been signed by William B. Durham, Commander, USCG (United States Coast Guard), Chief, Merchant Vessel Personnel, Records and Welfare Division. This certificate confirmed that Carl was a sailor and had served on the S. S. Andrew Furuseth in 1943 (within the same time frame as the alleged experiment.)

Carl Allen's Seaman's Certificate of Identification

Not long after Allen’s correspondence with Jessup, some interest in the matter was shown by a few Naval officers, who wanted to know more and decided to seek out this “Carlos Allende” and perhaps inquire more details from him of the secret ship experiment he had evidently witnessed. The reason for the Naval officers’ involvement was that a copy of Morris Jessup’s book The Case for the UFO had been mailed anonymously to one of the officers. The book had been heavily hand-annotated in the margins, throughout the book, in three different inks and styles; the marginal notes were evidently supposed to be a running commentary by three individuals who seemed to display extraordinary knowledge of things scientific, cosmic, and esoteric. In brief, one got the impression that some of the writers were “not of this world” but from a superior, extraterrestrial race. What concerned the Navy men most was that mention was made of a strange and secret experiment that was supposed to have taken place aboard ship in 1943. The experiment got out of control, it was said, and was disastrous for the crewmen on board. Magnetic force fields had been employed, and more than just radar invisibility had occurred. The Navy men were intrigued. Could there be any truth to this? They decided to find Allende and see. [3]

(RG) May-31,1925 Birthplace of Carl Allen aka Carlos Miguel Allende

House where Carl Allen Grew Up

All attempts by the Navy to locate Carlos Allende in 1956,  failed. [4] In the 1960’s several “fake” Allendes turned up offering to sell the whole story if the price was right. By this time the story had spread into the “fringe science” and “ufology” groups; the sudden appearance of all the fake Allendes caused some to doubt if there even was a real person named Carlos Allende. As the years passed Allen became bitter at the unwanted publicity of his letters, and the simple fact that everyone but him was profiting from his story. In 1969, to “get back at them all,” he handed Jim Lorenzen of A.P.R.O. (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization) a copy of the Varo Edition (of Morris Jessup’s book, The Case for the UFO) with the following “confession” attached to the second page of the Appendix:

Carl Allen APRO

Carl Allen 1969 / APRO

“All words, phrases, and sentences underlined on the following pages in brown ink are false. The below page and the top part of the following [5] were and are the craziest pack of lies I ever wrote. Object? To encourage ONR Research and to discourage Professor Morris K. Jessup from going further with investigations possibly leading to actual research. Then I feared invisibility and force-field research; I don’t now.” [6]

“Allende still believes… that a U.S. vessel… disappeared from its Philadelphia dock and reappeared seconds later in the Norfolk-Portsmouth area, then disappeared again to appear once more in its original berth.” – Jim Lorenzen of A.P.R.O.

Carl Allen described his experience from the foredeck of the S.S. Furuseth where he was standing watch. He states that the disappearance of the DE-173 occurred between 17:05 and 17:20 hours on, the 27th or, more likely, the 28th or 29th of October 1943. Allen watched the gradual disappearance of the destroyer escort (just a short distance away and nearly alongside the Furuseth); his narration is as follows:

In 1946 the Furuseth was sold to Norway after the war, and was renamed the Essi and served in the Norwegian Merchant Fleet

S.S. Andrew Furuseth

“What occurred next? What did I observe next? I looked at the thin air where once had lain, and I could see, from the hull impression [in the ocean], the impression of the weight of the entire ship upon its bottom hull — that this impression, this weight, was causing an impression to be pushed, still, yet, down into the water as the DE sailed along, quite invisible, not visible to the human eye – I repeat, human eye — but there it sailed along making that impression, and that was the only evidence there was a solid, heavy, ship-shaped object of, at least, extreme transparency if not absolutely and totally invisible laying in that water propelling itself along at a normal speed, and then it scooted off and resumed patrol” – Carl Allen [7]

In 1980 Robert A. Goerman did some research into the PX for an article he was writing for FATE magazine.  Goerman’s conclusion after talking to Harold Allen (Carl’s father) and looking over some family documents was that:

“Carlos loves to play games with those foolish enough to play audience…” In a letter to his parents, Carl admits annotating Jessup’s book, by himself.[8]

In 1983 Carl Allen turned up in Boulder, Colorado. He also wrote to Jacques Vallee between 1967 and 1968. Allen offered to sell his acquired information, including a special copy of the Varo Edition (which he has since entered more notes into) for the “reduced” sum of $1,950.

Here are some of his statements to Dr. Vallee; the first letter arrived in October 1967 from Monterrey, Mexico, the second is postmarked Minneapolis:

“After this tremendous explosion my hair came out in bunches in my comb and I observed the same result in other Deck-crew members…” [9]

The above statement is interesting, and certainly resembles the effects of poisoning by nuclear radiation. Yet we have no evidence that Allen was ever exposed to any dose of radiation massive enough to cause his hair to fall out (he certainly seems to have grown it back to a normal pattern for an older man by the time photographs of him began to appear in the late 1980’s), nor has anyone said he needed prolonged treatment, such as chemotherapy, for any later development of cancer. etc. With this we began to wonder if the Philadelphia Experiment was a cover-up for some sort of nuclear incident in the Philadelphia Naval yard. What follows is an interview with a elderly scientist; we will refer to him as Dr. Frank Syan.

A.H.    “I have been doing some research into the Philadelphia experiment that has been written up in many books…”

F.S.    “which one”

A.H.    “The story of a ship.. the U.S.S. Eldridge being rendered invisible to the eye or radar..”

F.S.     “yeah.. yeah.. I think I have heard about it.”

A.H.    “You were interviewed about the Manhattan Project?”

F.S.     “Well yeah…”

A.H.    “When talking to another individual about Roswell, the subject of the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 came up. At that point he could not remember exactly what you said in regards to the Experiment and possibly an accident… So I was just wondering if something might have happened back then that the government might have tried to cover up to some degree… disinformation…”

F.S.      “There was an accident in Philadelphia in 1944, but not 43. In September of 1944 there was an explosion at a pilot plant.. and uh.. two people were killed and several injured… and because of security at that time I think it was covered up.”

So what we learned is that there was a “accident” late in 1944 but not 1943. {Not to be ruled out is the distinct possibility (some would say “probability”) that the PX story as it has come down to us is a carefully crafted piece of disinformation, orchestrated via psychological warfare techniques by whatever military/government agency has seen fit to promote it, either as a cover-up for something that happened at Philadelphia during WW2 or for other, more obscure reasons.} To continue to quote Carl Allen:

“I Watched it, saw it, observed its birth, growth, action and reaction upon the vehicle to which the super-field was being applied; I smelled it… my mouth tasted the ozone odor of it and my ears heard the sizzing-hum of its surrounding electrical envelope.” – Carl Allen[10]

The following is a part of Carl Allen’s statement to Bill Moore:

Carl Allen aka Carlos Miguel Allende, 1977 (from the Gray Barker Collection, Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library)

Carl Allen aka Carlos Miguel Allende, 1977

“I actually shoved my hand, up to the elbow, into this unique force field as that field flowed, surging powerfully in a counter clockwise direction around the little experimental Navy ship, the DE 173. I felt the…push of that force field against the solidness of my arm and hand outstretched into its humming-pushing-propelling flow.

I watched the air all around the ship… turn slightly, ever so slightly, darker than all the other air… I saw, after a few minutes, a foggy green mist arise like a thin cloud. this must have been a mist of atomic particles. I watched as thereafter the DE 173 became rapidly invisible to human eyes.

…in trying to describe the sounds that force field made as it circled around the DE 173… it began as a humming sound, quickly built up… to a humming whispering sound, and then increased to a strongly sizzling buzz —rushing  torrent…

The field had a sheet of pure electricity around it as it flowed. …flow was strong enough to almost knock me completely off balance and had my entire body been within that field, the flow would of a most absolute certainty knocked me flat… on my own ship’s deck. As it was, my entire body was not within that force field when it reached maximum strength- density… I was not knocked down but my arm and hand only pushed backward with the field’s flow.

…Naval ONR scientists today do not yet understand what took place that day. They say the field was ‘reversed’. Scientific history, I later came to realize, was made for the first time that day.” – Carl Allen [11]

In the first letter Carl Allen wrote to Mr. Jessup:

“The “result” was complete invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all its crew, While at Sea (Oct. 1943) The Field Was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending one hundred yards (More or Less, due to Lunar position & Latitude) out from each beam of the ship.” – Carl Allen [12]

In his third letter (May 25, 1956) Carl Allen wrote to Mr. Jessup:

“I can be of some positive help to you in myself but to do so would require a Hypnotist, Sodium Pentathol, a tape recorder & an excellent typist-secretary in order to produce material of Real value to you.”

“As you know one who is hypnotized cannot Lie and one who is both hypnotized AND given “Truth serum” as it is colloqually known COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIE, AT ALL. To boot, My Memory would be THUS enabled to remember things in such great detail, things that my present consciousness cannot recall at all, or only barely and uncertainly that it would be of far greater benifit to use hypnosis. I could thus be enabled to not only Recall COMPLETE Names, but also addresses & telephone numbers AND perhaps the very important Z numbers of those sailors whom I sailed with them or even came into contact with.”

Sodium Pentothal-Truth Serum

Sodium Pentothal-Truth Serum

Sodium Pentathol was discovered in the 1922 but not well known, the Navy starting to investigate its uses in 1947, so I just wonder how common knowledge it was in 1956 when Carl wrote his letters to Jessup. Did Carl have some first-hand knowledge of these substances from Navy run experiments, or only “read” about them somewhere?

In 1947, the U.S. Navy launched Project Chatter (1947–1953) and tested drugs for interrogation. Which included experiments with mescaline, a hallucinogenic drug derived from the peyote cactus (with effects similar to LSD). Mescaline was studied as a possible speech-inducing agent after the Navy learned that Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp had used it in mind-control experiments.

Years later in a written interview, Carl was asked “Would you still be willing to be hypnotized to bring out buried information from your subconscious about: The Invisibility Experiment, Your meeting with Einstein and Jessup, etc…”

Carl Responded with three written words all in CAPS;


There is a good timeline of pharmaceuticals and government projects on Erowid.

While Carl Allen was still alive I tried to locate him. My first lead on Carl’s whereabouts was a letter he had written from a VA Hospital, in Greeley. Unfortunately, Greeley does not have a real VA Hospital, but a 30 VA Temporary shelter. I checked with other care-homes in the Greeley area and found the most probable one “The Villa,” unfortunately the most helpful attendant that had been working there for some time, did not remember the name. He searched the records, and no match was found. My experiences while performing research on Carl revealed a somewhat depressing reality. All the stories I received were of the same flavor. Bob Warth of Pursuit magazine talked at length with me, in regards to one of his meetings with Carl.

Carl showed up at our doorstep (on July 16th, 1977) with thirteen pieces of luggage, and the intention of staying a while… I interviewed Carl in the blazing heat, we were both dripping, for about two hrs……{This is not Done!}” – Bob Warth [13]

Carl died on Saturday, March 5th, 1994 at the age of 68 in Centennial Health Care Center, Greeley CO. His obituary appeared a few days later in the Greeley Tribune.

Below is Carl’s obituary, and a priceless newspaper article I found late one night while doing research, we can call it the beginning of the whole legend; July 13th, 1943 Carl Allen enters Maritime Service Training Program.

Carl Allen March 8th 1994 (Obituary)
The Pittsburgh Press Tue, Jul 13th., 1943; 283 Join Maritime Service in past 15 Days, Including Carl Allen

The Great Ark

“On the second of June, 1946 a brightly flaming object was seen in the sky above the Gulf of Alaska. The Great Ark, it was called.. I was on the Malay in the Atlantic… After it landed {9 miles from the Malay}, it discharged a lot of smaller craft… lifeboats… We pulled up four miles and turned parallel with the Ark, and that’s when it exploded. It was a small nuclear explosion, but there was no harmful fallout” – Carl M. Allen (1991)[14]

“{In May or June of 1947 The SS Maylay} was nearly capsized by a kilotomic explosion… it is the only ship to have survived the explosion of a UFO… I ought to know, I was a crew member, steering the ship at the time.” – Carl M. Allen[15]

Notice here the story is close to the one reported by Moore but we now can look at it as maybe it was the Malay after all. Further we can assume this is also the same “Cargo Ship S.S. Malay” that reportedly witnessed the experiment.[16]

Carl said the incident happened in May or June of 1947 in some interviews, however, he only Served on the SS Malay from May 8th, 1946 to June 22nd, 1946. This timeframe does fit with some of his statements. While doing research into the ship I did find an “SS MalayTanker ship (named as such form 1933~194) that had records of being Torpedo & Shelled on January 18th of 1942 resulting in 4 deaths.  There was also another SS Malay, a Norwegian cargo ship in service from 1959 to 1961 and now known as SS Ambria, however, this by dates alone could not be the “Malay” that witnessed the experiment in 1943, or the UFO incident in 1946/7. I did find something interesting during my research though; “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar” was one of the longest-running detective series on radio. It aired on CBS Radio for 15 minutes from 1948 to 1962. On February 10, 1950, the episode was entitled “The SS Malay Trader Ship.” This leads one to wonder if this is where the name of the ship came from that Carl Allen gave to Moore.

“Oh, we have had contact with the ET’s since 1943. It was due to an accident of an experiment that the Navy was running at that time, on invisibility!” – unnamed naval officer [17]

Most people have never heard Carl Allen’s voice many of the taped interviews Carl did are simply unavailable anymore. This is just a short clip of three 60min cassette tapes held in the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library, in the Gray Barker Collection. The tapes were sent from Carl Allen to Grey Barker. Carl is talking about UFO’s, too bad it was not one of his Interviews about the Philadelphia Experiment. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse into Carl’s personality.

Carl Meets Albert Einstein


During my research I found a few times were Carl Allen did not only say he Met Albert Einstein, but he was also schooled in physics by Einstein for weeks. Not a lot of books cover this as it seems so over the top, a good example of this can be found Gray Barker’s book “The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns” (p. 140);

“I now recall that we arrived {Furuseth} on the 11th, and docked on the 12th {of November}. And, at about 4:30 p.m. of that same day, Dr. Albert Einstein called on me to ask: “What did you see, feel, and think?” Because I was, and still am, the only living person who observed, at very close range, the DE-173 in the act of becoming invisible, and who plunged his arm, halfway to the elbow, into that stupendously colossal, whirling-whizzing forcefield and lived to tell about it. To do this, I had to plunge both hand and arm through a thick sheet of high-voltage, free-flowing electricity. “Why were you not killed?” Herr Doktor Einstein asked me. My reply delighted him, and we fast became friends that day. He was deeply concerned about the moral aspects of invisibility.” – Letter From Carlos M. Allende To William L. Moore – March 1977

On May 31st, 1943 Albert Einstein signed a consultant’s contract with the R&D Division of the U.S. Navy. This was later extended until June 30th, 1944, therefore he was working with the Navy during the time frame Carl Allen states he witnessed Einstein working on the project.

In August of 1986 Carl did an interview with the “THE NEWS of Colorado Centennial Country” newspaper; Carlos Allende “death bed statement” where he restated Einstein’s involvement below;

“Einstein was on the test ship the DE168. I was on the U.S.S. Feurseth.”

“Einstein and his team were using the Navy for their research. Steinmetz wound the coils on the beam generator. It was based on the work of Tesla”

“What Einstein proved was that invisibility is a precursor to propulsion beyond the speed of light. Invisibility is nothing more than the precondition to a practical utilization of the magnetic field related to the Einstein Tunnel Propulsion system.”

“Einstein came to me, and trained me in the theory of invisibility. He said they were using the Navy for his own research..” – Carl Allen

Carl has stated this in many interviews one of the few times you can find it in Carl’s own handwriting appears in “HOAX: The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled”, Pg 238;

Carl Meets Einstein Written Statment

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

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