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The Philadelphia Experiment : Project Invisibility; William L. Moore, Charles Berlitz

One day in 1943, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, something happened . . . Suddenly the U.S.S. Eldridge, a fully manned destroyer escort, vanished into a green fog, within seconds appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, and then reappeared in Philadelphia! For over thirty-six years officials have denied this, have denied any experimentation to render matter invisible — have denied the reality of THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT. If so, why —
were all the men aboard ship who survived discharged as mentally unfit?
did a scientific researcher on the project meet a mysterious death?
were identities hidden, documents lost, and amazing connections between UFO sightings and events in the Bermuda Triangle denied? THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT the first full-length documented report on a chilling unsolved mystery that’s been discussed for years. Now, official documents and first-hand stories have been revealed. Here is the truth in a report so shattering it is difficult to believe it’s NOT fiction.

– Source of General Information
– Carl Allende Letters to Dr. Jessup Complete, With underlining.
– From letter from the Department of the Navy
– Inter-Services Code-Word Index, showing a listing for Project “Rainbow”
– Pictures Include:


  • Project Orbitor Committee
    Aerial view of the Norfolk Port facilities
    Aerial view of the Philadelphia dock
    Carl Allende (Young)
    Carl Allende’s Seaman Certificate
    Albert Einstein conferring with Naval Officers
    Aerial view of dry-dock where the Eldridge was constructed.
    U.S.S. Eldridge (DE 173)
    Dr. John von Neumann
    T. Townsend Brown
The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns Gray Barker

“The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns” was the last book published by legendary ufologist Gray Barker. At the time (1984), it was considered too “conspiratorial,” and met with opposition in mainstream ufological circles.

 After compiling the book from articles in his own newsletter, Barker suddenly died, and the controversial bound edition was pulled from distribution. Luckily, New Saucerian was able to locate the prototype, and has made this wonderful work available – at last – for the general public to enjoy.
 In these pages, Barker deftly explores the lore of the Philadelphia Experiment, offering revelations on a variety of notorious characters, such as Carlos Allende, James Wolfe, Leon A. Seoul, Dr. Franklin Reno, Michael Ann Dunn, the Oppenheimer brothers, and William L. Moore, whose books on the Roswell UFO crash, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Philadelphia Experiment made him the highest grossing UFO author of all time.
Barker also shares interesting material from researchers Morris K. Jessup, James Moseley, Dennis Pilichis, Charles Berlitz, and Anna Genzlinger, the Miami housewife who was led by Jessup’s ghost to investigate his death, and who uncovered several fascinating tidbits not only about his possible murder, but also about the CIA’s role in covert mind control experimentation.
This special 2014 edition of “Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns” features several photos, an introduction by paranormal radio host Jeffery Pritchett, and an epilogue by the editor, Andy Colvin, whose father was stationed at the naval yard where the Philadelphia Experiment took place.
The Allende Letters And the VARO Edition of the Case For the UFO

DID THE PUBLICATION OF THIS RARE MANUSCRIPT CAUSE FAMED ASTRONOMER DR MORRIS K. JESSUP TO ‘COMMIT SUICIDE?” Or was he murdered because of what he knew? Only a handful of copies were originally printed on an office copier by a private government contractor. NOW AVAILABLE AFTER NEARLY 50 YEARS On the evening of APril 20, 1959, an astronomer committed suicide in Dade County Park, FLorida. Inhaling automobile exhaust fumes which he had introduced from the tail pipe through a hose into his station wagon, he died in the same academic obscurity in which he had lived, unheralded and almost unrecognized in his discipline. Ironicallly, the scientists only public recognition had come from lay people, who had read his series of four books about UFOs. Morris Jessup’s first book, THE CASE FOR THE UFO, had tended to alienate him from his colleagues. It was a paperback edition of this volume published in 1955 that enmeshed Jessup in one of the most bizarre mysteries in UFO history. An annotated reprint of the paperback was laboriously typed out on offset stencils and printed in a very small run by a Garland, Texas manufacturing company with military ties. Each page was run thrugh the small office duplicator twice, once with blank ink for the regular text of the book, then once again with red ink, the latter reproducing the mysterious annotations by three men, who may have been gypsies, hoaxters or space people living among humankind. The spiral bound volume contained more than 200 pages ane became known as the Annotated Edition. A reprint quickly became legend. A few civilizan UFO enthusiasts claimed to have seen copies, but there were only known to be seventeen in existence one of which Jessup possessed. . . but which mysteriously disappeared after his death. . . never to be seen again. This is a once in a lifetime offered reprint of the Case For The UFO with all the rare notes exactly as presented by these “strangers.” The big mystery is why the government would go to so much trouble to reprint a book that had been rejected by the scientific community and further to include mysterious letters to the author and even more bizarre annotations. This manuscript is the first to hint at the Philadelphia Experiment, Time Travel and other scientifically “oddities.” It is a manuscript which has been long searched for because of its quite peculiar nature and its rarity among “those in the know.” There are some who say this book is among the weirdest ever published on unidentified flying objects. One copy is known to have been sold for $1200. This reprint is but a fraction of the cost.This edition also contains a rare introduction by Gray Barker

The Strange Case of Dr. M.K. Jessup

New Saucerian is honored to present Gray Barker’s “The Strange Case of Dr. M.K. Jessup,” the very first book ever published about the suspicious death of early UFO researcher M.K. Jessup, and his possible relationship to the Philadelphia Experiment.

Jessup’s own book, “The Case For the UFO,” perhaps the first to argue that UFOs were an ongoing terrestrial phenomena, had become a blockbuster, and was reprinted by the Varo Corporation, under the auspices of the U.S. Navy.

The Varo Edition contained unusual annotations by a strange man, Carlos Allende, who claimed to have witnessed the Philadelphia Experiment, and to have been tutored by Albert Einstein. Allende openly suspected Jessup of involvement in the experiment, leading to interesting interchanges, moves, and countermoves.

In these pages, Barker analyzes such correspondences, and deftly navigates the sticky terrain of Jessup’s mysterious rise and fall, while raising doubts about the official story. Did Jessup really kill himself, or was it “self-murder?” Or, did Jessup kill his attacker and steal his identity? And was that attacker the real Carlos Allende?

This special 2014 edition features a fascinating introduction by the late, eminent ufologist, Eugenia Macer-Story, as well as the original introductions to the 1963, 1967, and 1973 editions. Also included are new and intriguing contributions from researchers George Knapp, David Paulides, David J. Halperin, Jeffery Pritichett, Anthony Bragalia, Robert Goerman, Anna Genzlinger, and John A. Keel.

“A classic that paved the way for full-tilt 4-D saucering…” -James W. Moseley, Saucer Smear

“Opens new avenues of investigation previously thought not to exist…” -Ted Torbich, The Stench of Truth

“A carefully deployed chronology of inexplicable events…” – Wahabah Hafsa Al Muid, New Age Examiner

The Case for the UFO – VARO EDITION

In 1957, Morris Jessup was approached by two mysterious Naval officers who informed Jessup that a man, who called himself Carlos Allende, had extensively annotated Jessup’s seminal book “The Case for the UFO” with a bizarre commentary involving time travel, electromagnetic forces, even the teleportation of a battleship.

The story, already a little strange, was made even more peculiar when he discovered that the Office of Naval Research took things much mucher further, even going the trouble of re-printing this annotated version for limited distribution within the Office of Naval Research. They even used multi-colored inks to simulate the pens used in the handwritten notes.

This book — printed by the Varo Manufacturing Company of Garland, Texas — is now known as the infamous Varo Edition.

The Jessup Dimension

In 1959, on April 20th (a date that has hosted a succession of “terror” events in recent years), noted astronomer and ufologist Morris K. Jessup was found dead in his car in Dade County, Florida – an apparent suicide. Jessup, a firm believer that UFOs were not from outer space, was the first researcher to expound intelligently on the “terrestrial thesis,” and his death sparked rumors that he had been “taken out” by the thuggish “enforcers” of the “extraterrestrial thesis,” the Men in Black.

Through a series of odd psychic messages, Anna Genzlinger, who had read about Jessup in a book about the Bermuda Triangle, was spurred to investigate his death as a murder, not a suicide. Genzlinger, who felt that Jessup had been driven to kill himself by government agents (because he “knew too much” about the Philadelphia Experiment), collected evidence to substantiate her intuition.

The result was “The Jessup Dimension,” first published in 1981 by Gray Barker’s Saucerian Press. By the time Barker died in 1984, the book had been thoroughly suppressed, eventually becoming so rare that original copies fetched thousands of dollars.

In these pages, taken directly from the original manuscript, Genzlinger describes in gripping detail how Jessup’s ghost guided her in her investigation. Despite being warned off by several “spooks” in the UFO field, Genzlinger courageously continues on, ignoring threats of her imminent demise.

This special 2014 edition features revealing introductions by researchers Peter Moon and Andy Colvin, as well as fascinating recent material from Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Adam Gorightly, and Jack Sarfatti.

“An unexpected surprise… Sent shockwaves through the halls of power…” –Gray Barker

“Fierce and fearless, yet warmhearted… Genzlinger totally wins you over…” –Dr. David J. Halperin, Journal of a UFO Investigator

“Reignites one of the biggest controversies in the history of ufology…” –UFO Magazin

Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception; Jacques Vallee

In REVELATIONS, Dr.Vallee, the inspiration for the character played by Francois Truffaut in Steven Spielberg’s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, analyzes the full gamut of sensational UFO “incidents” From the alleged history of saucer “crashes” and the retrieval of aliens by the U.S. government to reports of a subterranean community of hostile humanoids in the American Southwest, this is part scientific detective sotry, part experiement in truth seeking, REVELATIONS and is an astonishing document that is certain to provoke controversy.


– Newer information on Carl Allen, and the PX
– Pictures Include:
Carl M. Allen taken in 1983
Philadelphia Experiment and Other UFO Conspiracies; Brad Steiger

In l943 the Navy accomplished the teleportation of a warship from Phila to Norfolk by successfully applying Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. The experiment also caused the crew and officers of the ship to become invisible during which time they were sent to a time space warm. One survivor tells his amazing experience. Alfred Bielek has appeared along with the author on the Art Bell show many times.

Alfred Bielek’s story of the Philadelphia Experiment figures prominently in the book. Steiger also quotes Bielek in reference to other UFO “conspiracy” type information.

– Several pages are devoted to a sampling of quotes from the famed “VARO” edition of “The Case for the UFO.”
– Pictures Include:
Aerial view of the Philadelphia dockyard
Alfred Bielek
Carl Allende (Young)
Dr. John von Neumann
U.S.S. Eldridge (DE 173)
M. K. Jessup
Brad Steiger “We no longer refer to it as Teleportation, we call it ITS: Instantaneous Transport System” DE173.COM Support This Site Einstein Meeting With The Navy, 1943
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