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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Carlos Miguel Allende or Carl Meredith Allen or..

Carl M. Allen – 1925~1994

Carl M. Allen – 1925~1994

The whole story of the Philadelphia Experiment stems from Carl M. Allen’s letters to astronomer, researcher, and writer Morris K. Jessup. Carl provided most of the “facts” that are still used in books today, for example; The name of the test ship, the location and date of the experiment, etc. With most of the “facts” coming from one individual (and later being “confirmed” by others) one begins to wonder who is Carl Allen, did he really exist, and is he of sound mind.

The following images more then confirm there was a Carl Meredith Allen, and it is the same person the sent the letters to Jessup.

Images tagged (RG) were provided with permission from the private collection of Robert A. Goerman, fellow researcher of the PX, and expert on Carl Allen. “We no longer refer to it as Teleportation, we call it ITS: Instantaneous Transport System” cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper

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