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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Questioning Their “Story”

There are a number of things that cast doubt on the validity of the account of the Montauk Project. Aside from the sheer otherworldliness of most of the material, we note a few trends in the speeches and literature put out by the three Montauk protagonists:

“Upon visiting a doctor in 1988, Duncan’s doctor commented upon the unusual scar tissue in his lungs. Previous research in or about 1986 indicated the Duncan was actually brain dead.” – Preston Nichols[1]

“Back in the erly 1970’s, the Montauk group became interested in programming children.. Gray aliens picked up about fifty kids and delivered them to Montauk… in some cases, the older youths, ages 17-22 were also groomed to be slave workers… The programmers concentrated on three particular ages: 9, 14 and 19… They would put the kids in a room stark naked. Radio sensitive electronic paraphernalia was placed on their genitalia and a diabolic program was started where they would be treated brutally… These kids would be beaten to within inches of their lives until they ere mentally broken, consiousless hulks. Many died.” – Preston Nichols[2]

“..Some kids returned home, some didn’t. The kids chosen were between 10 and 16, or maybe 18… and 9 at the youngest. Most were just about to reach puberty… They ware blond, blue eyed, tall and light skinned. They fit the Aryan stereotype… there were no girls in this group… Montauk had a NeoNazi connection and the Nazis were still on the Aryan Kick.” – Preston Nichols[3]

“In regards to Preston Nichol’s deprogramming of the Montauk Boys, this was supposedly accomplished by masturbating these young men in concert with radionics”[3a]

Here is a description from an article in “GEAR” magazine,  titled, “It Came from Outer Space”, Nov 2001, pp. 76-82, by Chris Ketchum. Chris visited Montauk and spent months investigating the conspiracy;

“So what would happen in those rooms alone with Nichols? According to Kihl, the subject undresses and lies down. Nichols massages the legs and arms and chest and head, “scanning” for frequencies.Then he takes the penis and strokes it, still scanning. Nichols masturbates the subject until the edge of orgasm, freezing the subject in a kind of pre-orgasmic dream-state that was suppose to reverse –and thereby nullify — the “sexual magic” of the Montauk Chair. To “ground” his subject against EM interference, Nichols grips the testicles. Sometimes, he attaches electrodes to the ears. (In response, Nichols said: “Not all of them would come to orgasm.”)

“He {Stan Campbell} remembered waking up stark naked with his rear end up in the air. A lot of times different parts of his body would hurt. Three out of four days he was there, his anal opening hurt.” – Preston Nichols[4]

Fast forward several years and Stewart Swerdlow (who in 1992 pled guilty to bank fraud after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Long Island food distributor, was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison, then claimed he was brainwashed into diverting funds) has come forward saying he was one of the “Montauk Boys” and has now been involved with the deprogramming other men employing masturbation. Stewart has said in interviews he remembers one of the ‘bad’ guys name was “Hans von Gruber” hum same name as the bad guy in the movie “Die Hard.”

“I saw animals being murdered.. I saw people being murdered.. rapes of all kinds… Using children was extremely important because they were innocent and had extreme fear. The pineal gland excretes a chemical called Adrenochrome and this is a body enhancer, a mind enhancer, a mood  enhancer that the illumininaughty and elites use, which is extremely powerful if extracted when a person is at the height of fear… They take a child to a state of extreme fear and at that moment they sacrifice them, then they imminently extract the adrenochrome from the pineal gland, and that was more  valuable to them (aliens) then gold” ~ Stewart Swerdlow

Apparently, you can now just buy Adrenochrome without issue online from a number of pharmacies and can skip the whole messy sacrificing kids part.

“In regards to Preston Nichol’s deprogramming of the Montauk Boys, this was supposedly accomplished by masturbating these young men, in concert with radionics. In order to deprogram the Montauk Boys, they first had to be taken into the same trance state in which they were originally programmed. Once there, Nichols would then be able to undo the previous programming by using similar mind control tactics, which included “Tantric massage” and certain other unspecified “Reichian techniques.” Some would suggest that all of this Montaukian madness is simply a cover on the part of Preston Nichols for homoerotic perversions.”[4a] 

The above statements were quoted to show a disturbing pattern. If all information they convey is true then there is it is what it is with their descriptions. On the other hand, if Preston and others created the story (as I fell they did) then the above statements show some sick men with bazaar fantasy about naked young boys.

I would be very careful of anything that anybody tries to get you to do sexually with them. You know what, the reason is I’ve heard the reasoning coming out of their mouths it’s all for deprogramming purposes it’s just like a medical procedure… listen if it’s sexual in nature these guys are predators one hundred percent. You know they should not be applying these techniques to people in covert situations they do not have any credentials. The first day I met press Nichols and I think Preston is a nice guy but he was still trying to get everybody into the chair naked… the guys that were with me the first time I met him in 2006 and I have footage of this.. How does this go from ‘I just met you 10 minutes ago’ to now ok ‘I am going to ok now im going to put my hands on your gentiles'” ~ Chris Garatano Film Producer “The Montauk Chronicles”[4b]

You would think that if Alfred Bielek was trying to unfold “the perfect hoax” why would he get into talking about things like “being trapped by aliens in time tunnels, being age-regressed back to one-year-old”, etc. One begins to think that the whole UFO angle could have been added just to make his lecture tour more “appetizing” to UFO groups. All these guys are avid readers of Science fiction, and watchers of various shows they give reference to like Star Trek, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, etc. and it shows in all their writing and lectures… an idea borrowed here, a name borrowed there.

Bielek states his memories of being part of the PX suddenly came back to him after watching “The Philadelphia Experiment” Movie, with little to no knowledge of it in the past. However, I found out Brad Steiger confirms that Bielek followed the PX since the 60s. Ivan T. Sanderson also refers to Bielek as a very old friend and even writes about him in his books from 1967.  in 1966 Steve Yankee said he received a microfilmed copy of the Varo Manufacturing edition of the annotated version of The Case for the UFO from a scientist-engineer by the name of Alfred Bielek. (This was later confirmed by Beilek himself as true.) Just a few samples to show without a doubt Bielek had full knowledge of the Philadelphia Experiment, Varo Edition, Carl Allen, the name of the Ship, etc from the early 60’s.

MYTH: The big AN/FPS-35 radar is still in use today. Photos prove that its position has changed and also prove that the base is being used for secret activities.

REALITY: The radar antenna was abandoned in place atop its tower and left in “safe mode” allowing it to freewheel with poweful gusts of wind. It has simply moved in response to natural forces. The antenna drive motors were removed many years ago. The base was closed during the early Eighties and remains abandoned today.

MYTH: The Montauk base featured extensive underground facilities. Some of these may still be in use today for top secret projects.

REALITY: The only “underground” facilities at Montauk are the WW2 era Coast Artillery gun batteries and related facilities. These are not truly underground structures but were covered over with earth in order to hide them and to provide added protection against incoming shells fired from ships at sea. The base was abandoned by the Air Force in the early 1980s and it remains abandoned today.

MYTH: Montauk Air Force Station closed during 1969 yet remained open through the early 1980s to conduct a variety of so-called “black” or “top secret” projects.

REALITY: The base did not close in 1969. It remained an active air defense radar site through the early 1980s. It was made redundant by the activation of a new radar site located farther west on Long Island.

Donald E. Bender

On January 13th, 2002. I was scheduled to be a Guest on a new Sci-Fi channel show called “Dan Aykroyd’s Out There.”  It was going be Me, Al Bielek, and Dan Aykroyd in a live 30 min segment, taping on 01/20/02. I had a plane ticket and all to fly out then sadly the whole series was canceled on January 18th, 2002.

I had the pleasure of talking with one of Al Bielek’s close friends back in the 1990s on several occasions. Shortly after his story started. He had lent Al his car to drive down to Preston University where he researched his story. His friend watched what he only could say was Al’s descent into madness, and truly feels Preston Nichols had a big hand in what happened to his dear friend. He is a very creditable source, with a professional job that demands a clear mind and high education. I will include some quotes once I go over some of the recorded conversations and make transcripts. Safe to say he truly feels he watched the genesis of the Montauk Project and Al’s alleged enrollment with the Philadelphia Experiment story form and evolve, feeling his friend had lost his mind in the process, overall a sad story.

The movie produced in 1984 “The Philadelphia Experiment” was never banned in the USA by the government as Bielek clearly states multiple times at multiple UFO conferences. (you can read more about this in the “The Philadelphia Experiment” The Movies section)

This section of my site says takes a deep dive into Bielek; 

“According to his own records, Bielek has been on over 50 radio talk shows and a featured speaker at over 40 conferences. We will outline in the body of our presentation the following re-evaluation of Al Bielek.

  • He never participated in the PX
  • He never witnessed the PX
  • He was nowhere near the PX test when it occurred
  • He has changed the nature of his story many times over the years with additions, embellishments, deletions and wholesale fabrication of events
  • He has stated historical events that can be completely verified to be totally false”

Several years later little has changed;

“In 2014 at the Multiple Realities Convention in New York, I seen Cameron hitting on a teenager, and Preston was speaking about inviting people to his house to deprogram them with consensual masturbation btw and music light therapy which would only reprogram and harm an individual all the more. He was doing side experiments on kids at his house. Al Bielek magneto was the most honest. Preston and Cameron were doing psych sexual procedures on all the kids. Preston has no conscience whatsoever and said he would do it all over again. It will be satisfying for me when they both kick the bucket.” – Auriusee Isolde Author “The Spoken War”


Earth: Wish You Were Here

NASA Photo Pyramids on Mars or a Rock?

According to Preston, the Montauk technology enabled Duncan at one point to travel to the underground pyramids on Mars. (What “underground pyramids on Mars”?? THE “underground pyramids on Mars!” Any other questions?) Duncan recalls seeing technology on Mars which he refers to as “The Solar System Defence.” The Montauk scientists (using Preston’s technology) supposedly “shut off the Solar System Defence Grid” retroactive to 1943. This claim, straight out of a Star Wars-type science fiction movie, means that some benevolent civilization long before us had set up a “defence” barrier so that “evil aliens” could not infiltrate our Solar System and invade us – and Preston shut it off! If we take this statement at face value we can come to only one conclusion: Anyone who has had a traumatic experience with UFOs, e.g., an abduction, forced pregnancy, rectal exam, etc., could justifiably send “hate” mail to Preston Nichols, as he is directly responsible for the aliens being able to reach earth, by his own admission!

Also in Preston’s book, he writes “The first treaty between aliens and the U.S. Government was supposedly signed in 1913.” how is this possible as the “defense grid” was still activated (as he himself stated) and not shut off till 1943![5]

Preston blackmails the CIA to “lay off” Peter Moon saying that he “would publish secret papers that they didn’t want published.” [6] I guess threatening the CIA involves no Jail time in the U.S. anymore. On another occasion, Stan Campbell was being sued by the government, and Preston threaten the government that if Stan was locked up he would …go public on my involvement in the Moriches Bay UFO crash ( I helped to “Shoot” it down when I worked for BJM by jamming its drive with the appropriate frequencies — a whole other story.)”Preston Nichols[7]

I checked with some UFO groups about this proposed UFO crash, and to no surprise, it was a hoax.

Stan Campbell was sent on a Montauk time travel mission, “His mission, as he remembers it, is to go find Jesus and do two things. First, he’s supposed to remove a sample of blood, and then he’s supposed to kill Him. He finds Christ.. He {Christ} even volunteers to give him the sample of blood… Operating on his orders from Montauk, Stan then reports on emptying a revolver into Christ…” [8]

Now if that doesn’t buy you some time in hell I guess nothing will. After Stan returned to Montauk, he refused to give up the sample of Jesus’s blood.  The Montauk technicians sent him to Mars where he gave the blood to Duncan Cameron. The blood was later injected into Duncan.

Letter from Jacques Vallée to Me on Jan 28th, 1944

Back to the Montauk Chair for a moment, Preston claims they Duncan could make anything materialize just by thinking about it. How did they use this God-like power you may ask.. 

“If he thought of a can of beer, he could create a can of beer and you could drink it… my favorite was a can of Budweiser beer on the base commander’s desk. They show Duncan a picture of the base commander’s desk in his office (where else would it be?), he would visualize in his virtual reality a can of Budweiser beer sitting on that desk. Sure enough, it would appear on the desk, and the guy could drink it… it was very good, it was better than typical Budweiser.” ~ Preston Nichols

Perfect use of billion-dollar equipment. 

Invalid Reasoning


“Dan is a nuclear physicist and he said that the SAGE radar wouldn’t require all those amplitrons.” – Preston Nichols [9]

Although this sounds impressive, it holds about as much water as my friend the brain surgeon knowing why your car won’t start. Also let it be noted that somewhere, right now, there is a nuclear physicist struggling to program his or her DVR.

“Space-Time Labs, a fully equipped manufacture of psychic-active electronic equipment… Preston invited me to his lab that was a mixture of Tesla, von Neuman, Einstein, and Montauk..” – Helga Marrow[10]

Again sounds impressive, views of a nice white rectangular building with weather/radar appendages protruding from the roof comes to mind. In reality, as we have stated Space-Time Labs is just Preston’s decaying garage, stocked with some nice vintage radio receivers.

Preston seemingly grabs at straws and provides the following statement as evidence to his ‘Dr. Rinehart is von Neumann’s claims:

“one of his {von Neumann’s} favorite desserts was strawberry ice cream. Ironically, this just happens to be the favorite of Dr. Rinehart!”- Preston Nichols[10a]

Preston forgets to mention that strawberry ice cream was also the favorite of Bill Cooper’s “Gray Aliens.” Hopefully the above does not replace DNA testing in court cases.


Subtle Changes In The Story As Time Progresses


Some names of the key players have changed. The things that some people have done have changed. For example:

The Jack Pruitt Story

In the original videotape, we are told about an Air Force officer named Jack Pruitt, who allegedly oversaw the Montauk Project in its later stages and who had an office in the Pentagon. It was Pruitt, Preston Nichols informs us, who grabbed an ax and started chopping away frantically at the radar cables, as well as cutting the waveguides with a torch, in a last-ditch effort to cut the power to the project when “Junior” materialized and started eating everything on the base.

In later accounts, such as in Nichols’ books and video, it is Nichols himself who is cutting cables and torching waveguides. We never hear of Pruitt again. Of course, the “new believers” will not have heard the older version, and will not understand our objection.

When was the Eldridge modified?

In a conference lecture given by Al Bielek, he stated that the ship was modified before it was built to accommodate the equipment. In a more recent book, he states that the ship was modified after Von Neumann took control of the project (well after the Eldridge was constructed.)

“They decided they wanted to build a test vehicle from the ground up. So along about June or July they decided to go to the drawing boards to find out what ships were coming down the ways that might be suitable, that were going to be built, and they picked on “DE 173”… And in July they modified the drawings. Decided where they wanted the two generators. The reason why they had to do the modification, was the destroyer, the ‘DE’,  was a rather small ship. Its normal displacement was around 1500 tons not 30,000. Consequently, they had to fit the equipment, which was quite heavy, very carefully. What they decided to do was to leave the forward gun turret off, and fill it in, and to leave a hole there, and the hole was for where the generators would go.” [11]

“Von Neumann was now in charge {around March 1942}, and he switched to a pulse modulation of energy. He lopped off a forward turret from the Eldridge so he could place two large generators in the hole.” [12]

Eldridge System Power Requirements


Can a Destroyer Escort power all the equipment Al Bielek states was used in the experiment?

A massive power deficiency exists based on the documentation of Bielek’s lectures. Considering that Bielek claims to have a Ph.D. in some area of science, he should have caught the error. The following analysis may negate the implementation of the Eldridge system.

“..and the two generators remained essentially the same, 75 KVA each.” – Al Bielek

Navy 1943 6L6 Vacuum Tubes

The total power available is: Pmax = VA x pf watts. Where P is the available power in watts, VA is the Volts x Amps at the generator output and pf is the power factor.  A multi-phase generator is assumed. Whenever a multi-phase generator is connected to a load and modulation of the load is present (It was stated that the transmitters were modulated), the efficiency of power transfer is decreased by the power factor. The pf can be from 0.9 to 0.5 for a modulated transmitter load. Assume a pf of 0.9. The total power available from the two generators is:  Pmax = 2 x 75,000 x 0.9 = 135,000 watts. Apparently there were two loads, The first:

 “The final version some 3,000 ‘6L6’ tubes were used to drive the field coils of the two generators, and that was an accurate rendition, by the way, perhaps not to the exact position, but actually in the sense that there were a large number of tubes, about 3,000 by count.” – Al Bielek

The total power available is: Pmax = VA x pf watts. Where P is the available power in watts, VA is the Volts x Amps at the generator output and pf is the power factor.

The primary power source is presumed to be the generators, though the rhetoric appears contradictory.  The load is presumed to be the 4 deck mounted coils (not the generators) which were driven by 3,000 6L6’s. The cathode power required for the 6L6 is 6.3vac at 0.9a or 5.67 watts.  A transformer converts the primary voltage to the cathode heater voltage level.  Transformer efficiency is about 0.9.  The generator power required for the cathodes is:

Pcathode = 3,000 x 5.67 / 0.9 = 18,900 watts.

The maximum 6L6 power output (Class A operation) is 17.5 watts.  The 6L6 Plate Efficiency is assumed to be the maximum available, 30%.  A power supply is required to convert the ac primary power to dc for the plate.  Power supply efficiency is about 80%.  The generator power required to drive the amplifiers is:

Pplate = 3,000 x 17.5/(0.3 x 0.8) = 218,750 watts.

The total 6L6 power required is:

P6L6 = Pcathode + Pplate = 18,900 + 218,750

= 237,650 watts.

“So various subsystems were tested; the generators, the RF transmitters. Tesla used three, Von Neumann went to four and he finally decided the power of the transmitters selected by Tesla, which were General Electric. The 500 kilowatt CW was not sufficient. He put boosters on them to raise each one to 2 megawatt CW and the two generators remained essentially the same, 75 KVA each. Fairly low frequency, motor driven, special synchronizing circuits to make sure the two generators were in absolute sync, otherwise it wouldn’t work. A special generator system was built with another very exotic device– it was inherited directly from Tesla– and that was the Zero Time Reference Generator.” – Al Bielek

Normally, transmitter power is given as the Effective Radiated Power (ERP) which includes antenna gain.  The photos of the mast mounted antennas do not show apertures that could exhibit any gain, but for the sake of argument, I will assume a 10 dB antenna gain for each transmitter.   A 2 megawatt CW transmitter is quite unusual.  Most transmitters of this power level are pulsed with duty cycles less than 10%.

However, CW was stated, so the total CW ERP from the 4 antennas is then 8*106 watts.  Removing the antenna gain, the antenna input or transmitter output power is then 8*105  watts.  There are two components to a transmitter: The power amplifier and the modulator.

The efficiency of the power amplifier is approximately 30% (given the benefit of the doubt).  This means that the dc input power required to drive the transmitters is 8×105/0.3 or 2.4×106 watts.  The modulator (amplitude or phase modulation) has about the same efficiency as the transmitter and takes approximately 1/100 of the power of the amplifier or 0.024×106 watts.  The dc power supplies that would drive the transmitter and modulator are about 80% efficient in converting primary power to dc power.  The primary generator power required to drive the transmitters and their modulators is therefor:

Pt = (2.4×106 + 0.024×106)/0.8 or 3.03 megawatts.

There is a significant discrepancy in available power: CW Power shortage = Pt + P6L6 – Pmax  watts

CW Power shortage = 3,030,000 + 237,650 – 135,000

 = 3,132,650 watts

If the transmitters were pulse modulated at 1% duty cycle, the average power required for the transmitters and modulators would be about 33,000 watts. There is still a power shortage:

Pulse Power Shortage = 135,000 – 33,000 – 237,650

= -135,650 watts.

The above figures do not include the losses incurred from the use of the motor driven synchronizing devices for the generators.

Where did the missing power come from if the experiment existed as outlined by Bielek?[13]



When asked about his alleged career in the US Navy, Bielek answered repeatedly, that he (then as Edward Cameron) and his brother Duncan Cameron were entering service in September 1939, and, after a 90-days training, both were sent to the USS Pennsylvania. The National Archives weren’t able to locate any documents about Edward or Duncan Cameron for the time specified by Al Bielek. I happen to have access to all the crew lists for the USS Pennsylvania and to no surprise, in 1939/1940 there is no record of a Duncan or Edward Cameron. in fact the only Cameron listed is Wilbur O Cameron. He was not on the ship he states period.


USS Pennsylvania Crew List

Put Up Or Shut Up!


These are just a few examples of the many discrepancies that have shown up as we have followed the Nichols-Bielek-Cameron story over the past 20 years. In the end, there are plenty more examples if one just watches some of the various YouTube videos with the three.

As has been stated elsewhere on this site, we need to bring the storytellers to account for their stories. If these three men are so close to the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project as they claim, why is there always a drought when it comes to nuts-and-bolts, down-to-earth, hard-nosed technical information? Why can’t the reader go out tomorrow and build himself a replica of the Philadelphia Experiment in his basement, armed with concise, detailed how-to information? Why do we hear incredible stories of underground tunnels to the hollow earth, teleportation to Mars, solar-system defense grids, etc., ad nauseam, told with glib or nonchalant assuredness, as if this is the most common stuff around, yet we researchers can’t get a single straight answer out of any of them that doesn’t have some string attached, like when you buy a “rag” magazine because of its sensational cover, only to find out you’ve been cheated when you actually get to the article?

I think fellow writer/researcher Andrew Colvin says it best in the book “The Jessup Dimension“;

“as much as the Montauk mythos seems to be a pile of happy horseshit, it continues to attract serious researchers and spiritual searchers.” ~ Andrew Colvin

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