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The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z

Al Bielek Debunked


by Marshall Barnes

We have been asked a number of times about the so-called testimony of other Montauk witnesses who support the version of events that Al Bielek has been promoting. The unique thing about the Montauk Project is that any number of individuals can come forward and claim that they now remember being in the Montauk chair or spanking 12 year old boys and sending them to their cages without dinner, or playing “21” with Jr. on the base basketball court before he wrecked the place. Take Micheal Ash for example. Michael Ash claims to have worked at the Montauk base and, among other things, to have traveled back in time to Atlantis. Many of you may not have ever heard of Michael Ash. He’s not mentioned on Bielek’s web site, however he gave a tape recorded lecture claiming to have been involved with Montauk (you can read about his other adventures here).

I got a copy of it a number of years ago from Vince Barbarick who calls himself “Peter Moon”. But like we’ve seen with Al Bielek’s account, just because someone claims something happened doesn’t make it so. The only thing we can do is look at the claim and see if there’s an opportunity to verify it. If there isn’t, we just have to wait until there is, except in the case of people claiming that they knew Bielek as Ed Cameron, because we know that Al Bielek made Edward Cameron up. We’ve proven that he’s been lying, so it makes no difference what someone else says. We’ve proven that he took the photograph of a completely different person and, thinking so little of the type of people that usually read his material, he didn’t even bother to change the name under the photo, apparently assuming that either no one would be smart enough to notice or would be too stupified by his stories to care.

The name said “A. Cameron”, not “Edward Cameron” or even “E. Cameron”. And, of course, once that photo was traced at Princeton, it proved that it wasn’t Ed Cameron at all, but Alex Cameron III who was never in the Navy. Counter claims that “it all happened on another timeline” are pointless and offered by those who are ignorant both of the history of Bielek’s claims and the subject of parallel universes in general. On one hand, Bielek is on record saying that what happened to him took place in this universe, not a parallel one. On the other, even if it took place in a parallel universe the name would be the same if the story were true – it would be “E. Cameron” not “A. Cameron”. Most important of all, the parallel universes theory would not account for why Bielek chose to post the photo that was obviously not Ed Cameron. But this isn’t the first time that he has made claims that fall flat upon inspection. His entire story is rife with them (you’ll see that yourself, again on our page about the Schneider Letters) and there would be no website if we didn’t have the clear and easily verifiable evidence that proves this.

This doesn’t mean that it’s always pointless investigating claims that these other Montaukians make. Which brings us to a curious comment posted at by a man who is using the name of “Larry James” because he doesn’t want to be identified as being connected with any of this Montauk business. Remaining anonymous is fine, but it also means that critical analysis of what he has to say is even more important. I applied the same standards to investigating the statements made by an anonymous scientist to Philadelphia Experiment book author William Moore. What I found in that case is that everything that could be checked out from the scientist (who Moore dubbed as “Dr. Rinehart” after a character from the same sci-fi book that Bielek lifted the character of Emil Kurtenaur from)was exactly as he described, and that was some 85%+ of what he had to say, including how the Philadelphia Experiment was done, some of who was involved, when, and why. The “Dr. Rinehart” version is the truth because it has become verifiable as fact, every bit as much as Bielek’s version has proven to be verifiable as a lie. Let’s see how Larry James’ comments hold up to scrutiny:

On the page of it describes him and his background. I will respond to these statements as warranted –

“Larry James (not his real name), claims to have been in charge of the Time Control program from the early 1970s to 1985.”

This statement is in direct conflict with the heretofore established Montauk legend that says that the project was ended in 1983 after Duncan Cameron created the energy creature they call “Jr.” which then wrecked the facility.

“For the first time, Larry has agreed to share his experience. However, he only agreed to do so if we would not publicly identify him. He asked that no pictures be taken of him and no reference (to) his real name be made.”

Personally, I don’t have a problem with this although it does allow for a potentially endless stream of so-called “witnesses” to appear. All it does is make investigating their claims even more important.

“Larry leads a normal life and wants to keep it that way. He isn’t interested in getting caught up in much of the hype that surrounds the Montauk Project… As you listen to the interviews with Larry, you’ll pick up on the fact that his voice sounds rather young.”

The voice sounding “young” is a warning flag of sorts. There is a cult of Montauk boy wannabes that has sprung up around Preston Nichols and this in fact could be one of them posing as a survivor of the project. See

“Larry wanted to get out of the program in 1985. The way he got out was to transfer his “soul” into another body. He did the procedure for several other people. why not for himself?”

Again we have the problem with the date. It’s not the only problem we’ll have either. Notice I’m letting the “soul transfer” stuff slide.

“These interviews cover a wide range of topics. You’ll hear both Larry talk to Al about why his soul (then Ed Cameron) was transferred to another body, different experiments that were performed with our time travel technology, and how time travel is accomplished.”

We now have our second major issue: if Larry claims that he transferred Ed Cameron’s soul into Al Bielek’s body we can pretty much concluded that he’s a liar because we’ve already proven, with Bielek’s help in fact, that Ed Cameron never existed. It was with Bielek’s help because he’s the one that chose to place the photograph labeled “A. Cameron” from the 1936 Princeton year book on his web site and claim that it was a photograph of Ed Cameron despite the fact that it’s labeled with the initial “A” and not “E”. Of course when we verified the photo it turned out to be for Alex Cameron III who is no relation to the Cameron family of Alexander Duncan Cameron who Bielek claims is his father. Since Bielek faked the evidence for the existence of Ed Cameron and subsequently there is also no evidence of a Duncan Cameron who lived during the same time period, then it can be safely said that the legend of the Cameron Brothers, Ed and Duncan is a fabrication and thus makes Larry James’ claim of placing Ed Cameron’s soul in Al Bielek’s body a lie. Oh, and we’re just getting started here…

“According to Larry, Montauk time travel equipment was generally operational in the early 1980’s. Their group performed several time travel experiments. Apparently, they were able to alter the outcome of the Civil War, try out different scenarios with World War II, and go all the way back to the Roman Empire to test different outcomes.”

There are massive problems with the above statements. First, the whole idea that the time travel equipment was “generally operational in the early 1980’s” is problematic because it is by 1983 that the whole operation was shut down. The time travel aspects, according to Preston Nichols, were operational before the 1980s. So right off the bat we have continuity problems. Second, the entire idea of how their operations were run and their purpose according to James rings false for some very basic scientific reasons that a man who is supposed to have been in charge of the “Time Control” program should have known. This entails some pretty heady concepts which I will try to simplify so that they can be readily understood regardless of the reader’s experience reading about spacetime physics. I will include links to references so that detailed information is available to the reader as well as providing verification for my comments.

Until 1957, all theoretical time travel ideas provided for paradoxes which most scientists believed proved that time travel was impossible. However, the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis was created by Hugh Everett and signed off on by John Archibald Wheeler of Princeton University. The Everett/Wheeler hypothesis, or many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics, states that the measurement problem of the wave function is solved by the alternate outcomes, that were part of the probability of the wave function, still being real except they are in parallel universes. For those of you that want to delve into the heavy scientific material about this, this link is a good place to start :

The classic thought model of Schroedinger’s Cat had previously stated that when the measurement is taken that the alternate outcome ceases to exist because the wave function that describes it collapses. This is called the Copenhagen interpretation – The difference between it and the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis is that with Copenhagen the alternate outcome ceases to be real. With Everett/Wheeler, the alternate outcome continues to be real but in another universe or timeline. This is where the important factor come in that has been missed even by supporters of the Everet/Wheeler solution for time travel such as David Duestch (see related comments from a sci-fi fan here) in either case the universe only allows one outcome per timeline. Or another way to put it is that the multiverse only allows one outcome per universe. Schroedinger’s Cat proves the Everett/Wheeler version of time travel is the only one that’s real. In other words, time travel always involves parallel universes. You cannot do time travel and not end up in a parallel universe. Period. The physicists that say otherwise are relying on hidden assumptions and haven’t applied the quantum mechanics to the problem or done the detailed analysis on the temporal aspects. You can tell that when they talk about closed time-like loops (or curves) as if they’ll actually return you to your exact point of origin in spacetime and haven’t realized that hyperdimensionally you’re really talking about a backward movement in time similar to a “slinky loop”, and not a two dimensional loop.

Now, let’s go back to the statement about Larry James and his time travel group’s activities. Supposedly they had gone back to ancient Rome, the Civil War and WWII to see if they made changes there, whether there would be changes in the present that they came from. Now since we have to assume that the people behind these operations were up to date on all the latest physical theories of the time, and since Preston Nichols has already alluded to parallel universes being involved in time travel in his first book, Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, then we have to expect that the scientific bosses of Larry James (whatever his real name is) would have known about the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis. Hugh Everett himself was working at the Pentagon beginning later in 1957, the same year that von Neumann died and in fact, it was Everett that continued the game theory work that von Neumann had been pioneering (that’s right, I’m not buying that bunk about von Neumann being alive at Montauk anymore either and for a very good reason: the man that Nichols and Bielek claim is von Neumann doesn’t look like him at all and they also claim that he’s the same man that William Moore interviewed as Dr. Rinehart which would make him the same man that Carl Allen aka Carlos Allende knew as Dr. Franklin Reno.

We’ve since discovered who that many really was and it’s not the old guy that Bielek and Nichols talk about). Everret later went on to become a defense contractor, which you can read about here. So if the people in the know knew about Everett and his theories why would they ignore them and test changing the future by changing the past? Repeatedly? The fact remains that from Larry James’ account, he’s the one that knows very little about time travel theories beyond what he’s read in sci-fi pulp fiction novels or from Hollywood movies, which always depict time travel ideas inaccurately.


Ending any doubt about this is the fact that on the Bielek website page for him is a side bar with the heading “Pictures of Time Control Equipment – Taken from a Military Supply Catalog. The equipment Larry with was identical to what is shown in this catalog.” Beneath that heading is a series of photographs, beginning with the catalog cover and then various items from inside. The second one down is labeled as “Delta T Transmitter”. When I saw that label and looked carefully at the antenna in the photograph I knew immediately that something was wrong. The description that has always been used for the so-called “Delta T” antenna has been an antenna with 3 axis’ that appears like two pyramids connected together at their bases. Simply imagine a square with an “X” in the center with each end of the two crossing vectors of the “X” connected to a corner of the square. That’s what a Delta T looks like from above and below. From the side view you see that each vector of the “X” is slopping down at a 45-degree angle from the apex where the two vectors intersect and then connects with a corner of the square and then continues on below it at an inverted 45-degree angle that returns to a point of intersection 90 degrees below the top one. In other words, the two axis’ of the antenna that are vertical form a diamond shape and the third axis is a square shape that goes around the middle of the other two.

If you look carefully at the photograph that’s labeled “Delta T Transmitter” you’ll notice that that’s not what you see. It resembles two almost pyramid shapes connected not at the base but almost at their apex and not even their apex actually touching. Now of course the obvious thing to do would be to look at the name of the catalog of company and see what information could be gleaned from them. You know, just like contacting Princeton to see if the picture of A. Cameron was really Edward Cameron. Guess what? That’s right. It’s not a Delta – T transmitter. Why am I not even surprised?! It’s Montauk Madness all over again!

EMCO, the company that’s listed on the catalog’s cover is now ETS-Lindgren as you can see here. You can even see the same logo from the catalog on the Larry James page listed as the 5th, 13th, and 18th logos down on the left. You can read for yourself the company’s history but let’s take a look at this so-called “Delta-T Transmitter”. Here it is –;=Antennas.

As you can see it is actually called a “bi-conical” antenna, not a Delta T and for good reason. It’s not a Delta – T. Careful examination reveals that like the Delta – T there are 3 axis’ but they are not configured in the prescribed way. In fact, instead of each of the vertical axis’ sharing the third axis at a horizontal 90 degree angle, the 3rd axis is identical to the other two resulting not in an “X” inside a square configuration if viewed from above or below, but instead an “X” with an “I” or straight vertical line going down the center. Each axis is separated from the next by about 45 degrees. Furthermore, each apex is connected to the element in the middle but have no connection to each other. There is also the addition of a center beam that is connected to the piece that each apex is connected to and then is attached to a piece that each axis on opposite sides is attached to. A rotation of either side by 90 degrees now shows that the vectors slope downward at about 45 degrees but then bend back and continue to a point where they all meet. In other words, it’s like taking the Delta-T configuration, taking the base out, modifying everything into two pseudo-pyramid shapes with a singular beam going up the center and connect them on either side of a connecting element. It’s not a Delta – T at all. Like I said, should we even be surprised? Well maybe, because there’s still more…

Now we come to the “E Field Generator – Doorway”. When I first saw this picture I looked it up with the supposed Delta-T antenna. I can’t remember where I saw it in the online catalog but that was before the company became ETS-Lindgren. It seems when you search using the name “e field generator” other devices appear besides the one pictured. The point being however, that an e-field generator isn’t going to create any kind of “doorway” anyway, and if they could use it for any such thing, then what was the point of having the giant Delta-T antenna, etc? I have found where the idea for assigning such a function probably came from at where you will see a somewhat New Age looking version of the same visual concept with an identical alleged function.

So Larry James and Michael Ash are just more characters from the rogues gallery that is the Montauk cult. There could just as easily be more on the way, more Montaukians with screened out memories flickering back to life with images of time travel scenarios borrowed from pulp sci-fi comic books and secret technology doubling for do-it-yourself electronics kits from the back of Popular Science magazine. It’s rather funny that while researching Larry James’ EMCO reference I did find technology that I recognized as having potential for some very interesting experiments but it had absolutely nothing to do with what Larry James selected, which tells me that not only was he wrong about what he claimed was time travel related, he didn’t even recognize the equipment that could be modified for such experimental use. In other words he’s a complete fake. I’m not going to reveal what those items were now because this website is about exposing the misinformation being put out by Al Bielek. It’s not my site. Later, in the not too distant future, I may feature that information on a new website of my own, but only after I test the theory out myself.

In the meantime, once again, when they are given the opportunity to present evidence of any kind, Al Bielek and his friends fail every time. It should be no surprise then that one of Sky Books’ own, Alexandra Chica Bruce, author of the “Philadelphia Experiment Murders”, has even gotten jaded by the whole affair and spewed out this missive, though misguided as it may be to the true nature of the PX or why the whole Montauk/Inc/Ong affair was created in the first place:

Like a bright star that has run its course, the PX/Montauk tale of Bielek, Nichols, and Cameron is beginning to collapse under the weight of its own lies, its own attempts at manipulation, and its own stupidity. What’s left is a black hole of ignorance and deceit, where only the clueless, naive, and desperate need be the ones to rush past its spiraling accretion disc, in the midst of a galaxy of paranoid conspiracy fantasies, and be sucked into its singularity of insanity. Despite Chica Bruce’s claims to the contrary, the only light it has ever put on consciousness is how easy it is to manipulate what people think. Unfortunately for many, that light is the lure that too few see before it’s too late, and they, like the clueless, get sucked into the abyss. “We no longer refer to it as Teleportation, we call it ITS: Instantaneous Transport System” DE173.COM Support This Site Einstein Meeting With The Navy, 1943

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