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It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Calvin Parker passed away on August 24th at 8.15am. He died peacefully at home, surrounded by his wife, Waynette, and other loved ones. Calvin was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer some time back so we knew his time was limited but it was still bad news when it arrived. A private memorial service was held at the Guardian Angels Funeral Home on September 2nd. At the request of Calvin’s family, I have not released anything in public until now.
For those who don’t know who Calvin Parker is, he was one of the two men involved in the 1973 alien abduction case on the Pascagoula River, Mississippi on the evening of October 11th, 1973. You can find the full information on these events at:
Calvin and I had become close friends over these last five years and we talked regularly on skype. He was a charming, intelligent man with a great sense of humour. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried when I was informed by his wife Waynette that he had died.
Thankfully I spoke with him the week before and told him that I loved and respected him. He already knew that anyway. I also told him that he had more friends around the world that he could ever imagine. His personality, his story and his two books touched a great many people and also helped him get rid of some of the trauma that he had carried since that night in 1973.
When I began working with Calvin I agreed that I would help him cement his legacy. That legacy was to tell his story in full and help to document it for posterity so that future generations will have this information to study and maybe help understand what happened to him and Charles Hickson that night. Calvin was simply looking for answers, some of which he found, others that he didn’t.
Even though Calvin Parker is no longer with us the search for more information continues. I know there are people out there who have more information on this encounter case and I would like to ask them to release it now before it’s too late. Please do the right thing and let me have it. It can be sent to me in total confidence if required. Don’t hesitate just send it now.
There may well also be other eyewitnesses to the UFO events in 1973. We have already interviewed a number of people, some in complete confidence at their request, but many others who have also allowed us to use their real names. If you are one of those witnesses please do not hesitate to contact me at the earliest opportunity and in complete confidence if required. Time is against us so please do not hesitate.
I can be contacted on facebook at:
Telephone; +44 (0)771 088 3054
Address: 4 St Michaels Avenue, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, WF8 4QX.
I could continue to tell you more about Calvin Parker but I would instead suggest you listen to one of the many podcasts he did. Charles Hickson can also be located online telling his side of the story. Of course, it was their love of fishing that took them to the Pascagoula River that night in October 1973.
Maybe old anglers don’t die, they just go fishing in a bigger river.
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