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“I now recall that we arrived {Furuseth} on the 11th, and docked on the 12th {of November}. And, at about 4:30 p.m. of that same day, Dr. Albert Einstein called on me to ask: “What did you see, feel, and think?” Because I was, and still am, the only living person who observed, at very close range, the DE-173 in the act of becoming invisible, and who plunged his arm, halfway to the elbow, into that stupendously colossal, whirling-whizzing forcefield and lived to tell about it. To do this, I had to plunge both hand and arm through a thick sheet of high-voltage, free-flowing electricity. “Why were you not killed?” Herr Doktor Einstein asked me. My reply delighted him, and we fast became friends that day. He was deeply concerned about the moral aspects of invisibility.” – Carl Allen

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