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All donations, no matter how large or small are hugely appreciated!

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I simply spend hrs every month to bring you the highest quality of information. If you like the quality of this site, and wish to help support it, please take the time to make a donation. All donations, no matter how large or small are hugely appreciated. Donations go straight into further research, and to help maintain this website. Every one that donates will receive a personal thank-you e-mail and have your name added to the list of supporters on the right. With the number of visitors each day it is beyond belief there has been under $200 in donations total in the past six years, less then the cost to run the site for one of those six years.



  • Your Name Here!
  • Philip Mantle (Content Support)
  • Steve Eynon (Cwmgwrach, Wales, UK)
  • Nikola Niseteo (Canada)
  • William Pankiw (Australia)
  • Task Force Gryphon / Commander Cobra (USA)
  • Robert A. Goerman (Content Support)
  • David J. Halperin (Content Support)
  • Rick Anderson (Content Support)
  • Gerold Schelm (Content Support)
  • Sara Denny (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
  • Kevin Omondi (Nairobi, Kenya)

This Month a portion of all donations will go to help support the Eldridge’s Sister ship the U.S.S. Slater DE-766 (The last Destroyer Escort afloat in the USA) museum in Albany, NY.

  • $350.00+ ~ Cost To Run Site

$30 Went to Help Support the U.S.S. Slater restoration and museum on 05/03/19!

Thank You!

Yearly Costs:

  • $125 – VPS Hosting
  • $100+ Domains
  • $100+ Plugins
  • $150+ Research subscriptions
  • Etc..
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